Jan 31 2010

Fixing your jammed laminator

So if you have at any time laminated paperwork, you will understand that if you don’t get the entry point of the paper completely right, you run the probability of it finishing up thoroughly and utterly jammed in the appliance. Exceedingly infuriating. This can be highly annoying and of course , if not treated properly damages the document currently being laminated, the laminator or both. For those who own or use a laminator go through the ideas to assist solve a laminating difficulty if it comes up.

Extracting a ensnared pouch:

The main thing to do is not panic. Panicking will cause more problems than it solves and if you approach it like a bull at a gate and try to pull the document away, you may possibly do much more damage than good.

Look carefully at the machine. Probably the most common situation may be the item is just too thick for the laminator to pass through through the rollers.

Most laminators will only take small card or paper

It’ll tell you the maximum thickness that it will take on the instructions that came with it.

Under no circumstances go over this, in fact for long life and lower servicing it is always a secure bet to stay a bit underneath the recommended maximum thickness.

Turn the machine back on and put the rollers into reverse, whilst also pulling gently on the item to remove it from the machine.

If the actual item is paper or even pretty thin card, the plastic material curling round the rollers often is the issue. This can be avoided using a ‘carrier’ which is why they’re usually advised even when the model of equipment that you’re using claims not to require one. In this situation as above, turning on the machine in reverse and pulling the document gently should solve the issue.

If neither of these methods work turn off the machine and allow it to cool for around 15 minutes. Open the laminator and look for a pouch jam lever. Release this to see if the document can be removed.

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Jan 31 2010

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